Viewing a PDF from the dashboard

I am trying to view a pdf from inside a dashboard. More specifically:

  • by clicking on a button, to be able to open a pdf (always the same pdf the user does not need to search for it).
  • When the button is pressed the pdf file can be opened inside the dashboard.

Is there or do you know any node that allows me to see the pdf in the dashboard?

Greetings to the community and thank you for your attention.

try here...

Thank you for your reply.
My problem is not accessing the file, my problem is how to view that pdf, I explain why. I am using Chrome in kiosk mode, for this reason I need to see that file inside the dahboard (I have managed to open the file and open it but I get out of the dashboard).
More details in the following images

  1. Dashboard and button to access pdf
  2. Dialog to select PDF (but already out of the Dashboard)
  3. Pdf open.

PROBLEM, In kiosk mode and with a pc panel (without mouse and keyboard, but with touch screen) it is impossible to go backwards.

Sorry Friend.
I am no expert in this subject, the link I suggested also has information on how to embed a pdf viewer in a browser so i thought it might be of value to you.
There are many experts on this forum, give some time, some one will respond to you hopefully.

I give myself the solution, I shared it in case it may be of interest to someone:

  1. Problem accessing the file locally.
    Solution. I install Web Server for Chrome ( and configure the pdf access directory

  2. Problem. embed the web in the dashboard
    Solution. use the node iframe.




Very nice of you to post the solution. :+1:

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