Node-red projects + uibuilder -> NodeRED UI freeze for some time

I wanted to use Nodered projects feature to get version control for the nodered flows and frontend (using uibuilder so all the frontend code also end up in the project folder).
However what i noticed after running npm install inside the uibuilder instance folder was that nodered ui appeared to freeze after rendering. Realized later that it actually "unfroze" after some time (some minutes). After some testing back and forth it seems like its the shear number of libs in the node_modules folder thats causing issues. So my question is if there is some folder within the project folder where its possible to place the frontend code without having the Node-RED ui scanning thru the files?
So from my understanding this is not directly related to uibuilder but I included it in the topic since I guess thats a likely scenario for why anyone would have alot of libs in the project folder.

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If you add a file called .gitignore in the project directory with the contents:


then it should fix the immediate issue.


Thank you so much!
This was the first thing I did but I must have failed with the syntax.

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