When I tried to connect my GCP pubsub to node-red pubsub node, it gives the error "Error: secretOrPrivateKey must have a value". The state of the node is connected. Please, someone, guide me on how to solve this error.

Thanks in advance!


First off it would help if you gave the full name of the node you are using. For example node-red-contrib-xxxxx Or node-red-node-xxxxx

Without that, I’d just be guessing. Also what is GCP pubsub? While others might know the term, I for one don’t. Remember you are the only one that knows your setup. I always read my question back thinking “if I was reading this and didn’t know the setup, would what I’ve asked make any sense?”

Thanks for the prompt response!
this is the node that I am using "node-red-contrib-google-cloud" in order to connect my node-red with my google cloud platform's pubsub service. I have added the JSON key from the service account and subscription for the topic.

What version of Node-red and node.js are you running? (see the NR startup log)
Any other messages showing up in the log?

If you are sure you have configured the node correctly, you should probaby open an issue on the node's GitHub page

Thanks for the response!

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