Node-red says disconnected but publish still works


I launch 2 instances of Node-Red (on Debian 9 virtual machine) by systemctl services (different home directory and settings file).
But when I browse hte admin pages, I have a message "Connection lost to the server. Reconnecting in... try now)".
But Publish action still works! But no data visible in debug window...

I'm quite new in LINUX/Node-Red world.

Any idea form where to start researches?

and different ports???

Look at the log messages Node-RED prints on startup

Could be the websocket connection that is failing (the /comms endpoint). Deploy uses a normal HTTP request.

Are you by any chance using a reverse proxy for your instances?

Are there any messages in your browser log?

Than ks guys for your fast answer.
yes port is different, configured in both settings files.
Startup logs was normal.

In the mean time, I had to move from home and hte issue disappeared. What was done:

  • PC reboot
  • Internet connection change from shared mobile connection to direct box connection (but Node-Red usage through is same connection was fine till now.

I don't know if one these actions fixes the problem.
In another hand, I had an Open VPN connection active (not related to Node-Red server access). But once again, it is not the first time I use Node-Red in addition to this VPN. Maybe it comes in some starting scenario (like VPN open before Node-Red first acces! or something else!..)

Maybe we can live this disccussion if anybody else faces the same problem. And if I fall bacl into this again, I will post a new message.

Once again, thanks for your time (good to work on solutions where we can count on gentlemen help).

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are you using Google Chrome ? I have had several websocket disconnections problems since NR 1.0 using Chrome. Restarting Chrome solves the problem.
You may also want to inspect your browser console, if there's a specific websocket error, it will be displayed there ... (my error was "unknown reason" though :confused: )

Yes, it was on Chrome. Thanks for the tip. I keep this on top of my head if I face again this issue.