Node-red + Sentilo = Error


I'm trying to publish a value from node-red to a sensor I created in the Sentilo platform and when I trigger the value to the server the node-red return the next error:

Some info:

I'm running the Sentilo in a virtual machine in my own computer and I created the next sensor:

node-red%20error sentilo-sensor

Node-red Flow and configuration of the nodes:




Thanks in advance for the help!!

The error is an uncaught exception in the node-red-contrib-sentilo node. You should raise an issue against that node with those details so they can add the missing error handling -

Looking at the specific error, it looks like the sentilo node has made an HTTP request to their platform and expects the response to be JSON. But it's saying the first character of the response is a < - so my guess is the response has been an HTML page, not a JSON string.

Either way, their code needs to handle this exception.