Node-RED SNMP Agent (not listener)

I see lots about Node-RED as an SNMP Manager (listening for Traps, querying MIBs, etc) but nothing as an SNMP Agent - ie, the thing which sends Traps, and has the MIB.


This seems to be about the closest (from 2016):

it references this:

which is JavaScript, but not actually Node-RED.

There's also this (2018):

but that seems to be relying on external command-line calls for the Agent parts.

Has there been anything new in the last couple of years?

Any new suggestions?

Why on earth would you go to the trouble of trying to use SNMP to control a Pi GPIO?

Unless you have some other SNMP based monitoring infrastructure already up and running, I really can't see any benefit. Truth be told, SNMP is a monster and nobody uses it directly unless they really have to. Even professionally, we don't use it directly (though I'm IT not low-level infrastructure. I'd expect someone like BT to use it to monitor routers and switches but even they don't use it to set things as far as I'm aware).

If you want to control Pi GPIO or a serial connected Arduino or whatever, then use native controls or serial in/out. If you want to control a network connected device, chances are that you will use MQTT or SSH scripting for larger devices.

If you want to integrate SNMP reports from other devices with Node-RED, there are native nodes but probably even easier in many ways is to use Telegraf with InfluxDB.

That's just for the purpose of illustrating which part of the system I'm talking about.

Yes - that!


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