Node RED - Solution Deployment at Scale


We developed a IIoT solution with node red. We have to deploy the application at scale say 50 PC (Windows).
Is there any simplest way to install Node RED and solution at all systems?

Yes, there are many ways.

Generally though, any set of end user devices of that scale would have an IT department managing them and you would need to start there because they will have a set of tools that they will want to work with.

Hi @sathishkumarc14,

YellaUmbrella have developed a single-exe solution ('Nebula') which allows flows ('processes') to be configured and run on machines (windows, linux, mac), managed from a central server.
We use it for our own distribution of media industry related processes.
The flows and associated dependencies are delivered encrypted, providing some security for your IPR. Flows can easily be updated in close to real time.
If you think this may be interesting, email me: simon at yellaumbrella dot tv.



The solutions I have used for this are:

-deploy the flows on a share and configure all local installations to that share (read only)
-batch script to install node and node red (and external nodes)

Things I want to try:


Good luck finding your solution.

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