Node-Red SpB SCADA

I do not know what belongs in this field, can somebody please help me? I would like to use the store and forward feature.

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I haven't used that node, but have you tried starting with the example flow in the readme? Or is that what you are trying to do?

I have, they dont have that field configured in the example flow.

Can you tell us a little more about what you are trying to do please?

Does this help?

I have many sensors and transducers that are giving their outputs to our groov Epic / groov Rio PLC. I am trying to send that data to a mosquitto broker, and our Canary system should retrieve the data from the broker.
From my understanding, Canary only accepts SparkplugB payloads.
The mosquitto broker is installed on a raspberry pi on the same network.
The Canary historian is also located on the same network.

I am trying to utilize the "Store Forward" to save the data even if it cannot be delivered, so that way when connection is established again, the data is not lost and is "forwarded".

I have had a read of the Primary SCADA buffering article on Github, however it doesn't state the reason. It just states the need of a compliant Sparkplug B destination that sets a STATE/[WHATEVER NAME YOU DEFINE] to ONLINE.

We do have a Compliant Sparkplug B destination -- Ignition 8.1.15. Wonder if there are any settings that I may be missing. I have tried the EMQX server address tcp://emqx:1883 as well, but not helpful.

Figured it out, at least for this issue.
We need to specify in Nodered for the Sparkplug module in its Properties on the Sparkplug Tab, the Destination Name.(e.g: Node-Red-Destination).

Now we need to configure this name in the MQTT Engine module on Ignition Gateway, on its General Tab, in the Primary Host ID. Match the two names and the Connection is established
Solved this. However, my store and forward still remains to be sorted. Any pointers?

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