Node-red Status Indicator not updating after deploy

I have a newly created RasPi on Raspian running the latest version of Node-Red and Mosquitto - all freshly installed.

Everything is operating fine BUT ...

When I deploy a change, the status indicators on the MQTT nodes changes to 'disconnected' and never show the reconnection. This is clearly wrong as I can see messages appearing via the debug node, and everything appears to operate.

If I refresh the page - the correct status is shown.

Any ideas?

I am using Windows 10 with Chrome browser (all latest) to edit the system via WiFi to the RasPi.



Did you use the recommended script to install node red, from the node red docs?

Thanks for the response Colin.

Nope - can’t say I did.
I don’t understand why it might make a difference, but I will do that.


It may well not make a difference, but worth trying as it will make sure you have a consistent set of tools. Uninstall nodejs first. It has to be something like that as this is not a problem that others have.

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