Node-RED stopped working on Beaglebone Black

I just started using Node-RED on a Beaglebone Black. Everything worked great until I tried to deploy a configuration to read an analog input on the Comms cape. It froze up and now, even after a reboot, Node-RED will not display. I'm a bit new to Node-RED and I havent used a Beaglebone in a while. Any suggestions?

Is it possible to start node red in a terminal on that system? If so then stop it and start using node-red --safe. That will start the editor but not run you flows. Then you can undo whatever you did that is causing it to lockup, possibly an mqtt loop or other loop and deploy it to start the flows.

Thanks Colin! I will have to check out the command line options for Node-RED. I see you can run it as a service which will be very handy. As I just got the Beaglebone I figured I needed to update the image anyway so a reflash with the latest image solved the problem (obviously a bit of an extreme approach). I have been having a hard time finding a product that can publish and subscibe to a few standard signals with a MQTT broker. It is so simple to do it with a Beaglebone and comms cape using Node-RED, and economical! Advantech has something, but it's expensive and with a lot less flexibility. Now I guess it's time to learn JS. I wish the scripting language was Java, oh well.

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