Node Red stops with Uncaught Exception

I am able to start Node red properly. However after sometime, it stops abruptly. I got one "uncaught exception" alert. There are few more things which are mentioned with this alert as shown in the screen shot pasted below. Kindly suggest how this can be resolved. Thanks.

That looks like a missing check in the ui-media node. Are you using the latest version of that node?
If you are then please submit an issue against the node's GitHub repository, as it should not be possible to crash node red like this.
The actual cause is probably that you have not configured the node correctly, or are sending it invalid data.

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Yes, ui-media node seems to be have some issue. its strange that same flows were working perfectly fine for months now. Anyway, I deleted all ui-media nodes and its working again. Thanks Colin for your quick reply. I appreciate.

Known issue (link includes a temporary fix)

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Thanks a lot Steve.

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