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Im already using Node-RED to communicate with a few PLCs and display the data on a Dashboard. I'm now trying to get some data off another Machine that outputs MODBUS from the serial port. I've fitted a Brainbox ES-020 to convert the serial output to ethernet but im now stuck and cant get the data off.

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Just to clear some of the basic stuff:

  • Have you installed the latest version of Boost.IO?
  • Do you find your Brainbox ES-020 in Boost.IO and are you able to connect to it?
  • Are you receiving IP address automatically, or have you set up a static IP on the Brainbox?
  • Is the device in a Watchdog state once you access it "online"?
  • Have you changed the Protocol settings to Modbus TCP?

Could you also provide either a description of your flow, or preferably pictures?

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Not used so not sure how to connect it to brain box.

Bra box is static ip and should be Be sat there until interrogated for data.


You can download the latest firmware from
Simply click on the section named "Latest Firmware" under "ES" so that you get the firmware made specifically for your ES-020.

Once downloaded you run a scan for new devices and then connect to the ES-020.
If you're struggling to find the device, try rebooting the ES-020 and make sure that your computer is set up to automatically obtain IP address. You can also have issues after changing to Static IP for the first time. Try rebooting the ES-020 and give your computer a restart, this more often than not helps you to find your device again in Boost.IO.

When you have managed to connect to the ES-020 via Boost.IO, enter your preferred browser and enter the IP address of the Brainbox ES-020, from here navigate to the Protocol Tab located to the left, then change your Current Protocol settings to Modbus TCP. This needs to be done because by default your Brainbox Device will come from the factory with ASCII protocol.

Once you have connected to the Boost.IO application and changed the protocol on the ES-020 you are free to play around with NodeRED and the Modbus strings.

Hope this helps.

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