Node-red-ui-table fails when httpNodeAuth enabled

I've just palette installed node-red-ui-table, restarted node-RED, and tried one of the example, but the table was not rendered.
Checking my browser console, I see the following errors;

If I disable httpNodeAuth in node-RED settings, then the table renders as expected and no console errors. Re-enabling httpNodeAuth again stops the table rendering and I again get console errors.

Sounds similar to the issue reported in the node-red-contrib-contextmenu thread.

For info, my node-RED is script installed

  • Node-RED version: v1.0.3
  • Node.js version: v10.19.0
  • Dashboard version 2.19.4
  • Oracle Linux 4.14.35

But other than adding adminAuth & httpNodeAuth , it's a vanilla installation.

Do these nodes present an API attached to the Editor ExpressJS app? If so, is this related to the problem found in uibuilder recently?

For node-red-node-ui-table, the path that is failing is served as follows:

So on RED.httpNode. There is no authentication of any kind set on this endpoint, as it is serving static, supporting, files. My gut feeling says it's related to both the uibuilder issue and the one Bart is currently observing in one of his nodes, but I haven't managed to work through the whole debugging yet.

Despite clearing the browser cache & using an incognito browser, the problem persisted, and was repeatable...

However, after manually deleting the node-RED browser manifest via chrome://appcache-internals/# the libraries now load OK, and both this node, and node-red-contrib-ui-contextmenu work OK.


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