Node-RED User Directory


I was hopeful I could move the working directory of Node-RED from the default location ( C:\Users\UserName.node-red ) to my Drop Box syncing directory. The reason I want to do this is twice now I have changed laptops and gone through all the process of re-installing all then nodes and flows I like to have ready to go.

I have tired Changing the "userDir:" in the settings.js file. It just made the flow editor look like a fresh install and didn't put any files into the new directory I specified in the settings.js file.

Can you point me in the correct direction here?


Did you copy everything from .node-red folder to the new folder specified by userDir?

If you start node-red with a different userDir but don't put anything in there before starting node-red, you'll get an empty project as you have seen.

Also, I find it preferable to use a batch file or command line


node-red -u "c:/my-node-red-1880" -p 1880

And if I want to run 2 or 3 node-red instances from the same machine...

node-red -u "c:/my-node-red-1881" -p 1881
node-red -u "c:/my-node-red-1882" -p 1882

Great! Thank you. Worked perfectly. Moved my files onto a directory synced with the cloud so I can easily run it again if the PC dies etc.Lost a lot of flows when my laptop dies recently. I do export them sometimes but now I don't have to worry.

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