Node-red USERFORM Like VBA Excel

Hello everyone , im working on a project and i need help about :slight_smile:
if can node-red form or dashboard that interact like vba excel then sending your data to a csv file or excel file if yes any help please this is an exemple using macro vba and wondering if can i get a help to make the same using node-red
thank you so much

It would be possible to do something like this using the Dashboard and the ui_table node for the display part. You would need a flow to save updates to the tabular data to a file if that is what you want.

thank you for your reply the table part and saving data i dont have problem with them the problem i have is the userform where i will write the information before submitting them like
How To Create An Data Entry Form and how to get each data and put it line by line ,?

Try this: I need a basic example to create an entry form(ui) - General - Node-RED Forum (

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