Web form like frontend with CSV export in Node RED

Hi all,

I use the current quarantine to work with Node RED :slight_smile: I am planning a demo user frontend. The goal is to simulate a customer order using a simple form, with text fields, dropdown menues and radio boxes. It should run on a tablet or so.

The data should be submitted in two seperate CSV files, one containing the input data (e.g. name), and one containing additional data to create the actual sales order in the ERP.

Do you think this could be developed easily using Node RED? I've seen a dashboard plugin called "Forms" or so in a video, and I've come across a method using HTML and CSS.

Have you made any experiences with forms/user frontends and Node RED? Any experiences and recommendations?

Thx!! :hugs:

So you create one form to gather all the data, in the flow, you extract the customer data and write that to one CSV file and extract the order data and write it to another cs file.

Best way to see if it wll work for you is to try it out. :smiley:

Hi, thanks! You name it, trial and error might work best :grin: I'm still unsure whether to use the forms plugin or go for HTML and CSS instead? I haven't worked with Node RED so far.

Start with the form and if that doesn' suit your needs move on. At worse, you will have learned something that won't work in your case and you still should have learned how to split up the data and store it in the two files.

How many people will be doing this at the same time?

I'll give the forms plugin a try at first, yet I guess it would be more flexible with CSS considering the look and feel. The separation into two separte CSV will be tricky, let's see :slight_smile:

As it is just ment to be a demonstrator in a small lab it will always be one person and only one order at a time (on site).

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