NODE-RED version 0.20.5 Data Compatibility vs NODE-RED version 0.15.3

Is anyone aware of payload changes between v.15.3 and v0.20.5 I have two multitech gateways running Lorawan data that is being based through NODE-RED one version is using the v.15 and the other v.20 the payload comparison is completely different and unreadable to the end device. Does anyone know why this would be or if there is a solution to correcting the payload between the two version. I would like to see if anyone else has had this issue and if there is a solution. Thanks

Node-RED doesn't do anything regarding the format of the payload. That's entirely up to the nodes you are using in the flow. If they are non-core contrib nodes then you need to compare the versions you have installed to figure out what has changed.

You could add Debug nodes at different points of the flow to identify where it changes.

Hello Nick,

Thanks for your comments I was expecting that there would be no change to the payload as well but I was surprised when I saw a completely different debug message then the previous version.

Please let me share the debug as I did not include that with the original request I have labeled each based on the NODE-RED Version I am only using a standard function block and both versions have the identical code running in the function block

This is the debug - from msg Payload from the Conduit 300 v.20
data: object
payload: buffer[9]
eui: "00-00-64-ff-fe-a3-8f-42"
ack: false
appeui: "00-08-00-ff-fe-4b-bb-9f"
chan: 5
deveui: "00-00-64-ff-fe-a3-8f-42"
freq: 903.3
lsnr: 10.8
rfch: 1
rssi: -25
seqn: 1
size: 9
tmst: 71038788

This is the debug - from msg payload from the IP67 version v.15

{ "data": { "payload": [ 16, 0, 0, 53, 226, 50, 201, 76, 188 ], "eui": "00-00-64-ff-fe-a3-8f-44", "ack": false, "appeui": "00-08-00-ff-fe-4a-c1-5e", "chan": 2, "deveui": "00-00-64-ff-fe-a3-8f-44", "freq": 902.7, "lsnr": 7.5, "rfch": 0, "rssi": -27, "seqn": 17, "size": 9, "tmst": 736921539 } }

They look like they're the same (give or take a slight value difference) the only difference is representation.

Thanks it appears that you are correct maybe it has to do with the other end as I am getting some payloads through and other are causing a "no response from server" ETIMEOUT error which may because the program is not running correctly.

Thanks for everyone's responses I will have to solve the server error now and maybe it will start working

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