Node RED w/ VPN

I have a question and please forgive me if it seems basic. I have a client about an hour away with a project we are doing. Its basically a packaging line with 8 station controlled with PLC's. There is a main hub which directs each station on what products to grab. The original design fell apart so I quickly whipped up something using node red and the node-red-contrib-opcua module for communications between the hub and stations. The hub also has a Phoenix Contact TC router/VPN on it so I can log in remotely. The past couple days I have been running into issues when logging into the VPN device and pulling up the flow where the client nodes on my flow will show errors; either invalid channel after read request, or a timeout error. I'm not real familiar with how node red at the client pushes all of the stuff to my web interface on my computer (I am not a software engineer nor specialized in any sort of IT) and I was wondering If i might be causing these errors with a bad/slow internet connection through the VPN?

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I use VPN when away and have had no problems connecting the the Node-RED server, UNLESS the VPN/Internet connection is on the slow/bad side. I then get apparently frozen screens screens, but it does not affect the actual operation of the NR server, it just carries on as normal.

Effectively, you are looking at a website, bad connection, bad data.

Not sure if this answers your problem.

@mudwalker Yes, I get frozen screens and sometimes lost connections as well because of a slow/bad connection and I figured it was more of a website, but I wasn't sure if bringing it up locally caused something to foul up. I wasn't sure if the webserver was just serving up a page and transferring updates to it, or if because a page was served it then needed to get information back from my local page which caused the issues. Just not sure how the backend works (not a ton of web development/js experience). Thanks for the quick reply though.

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