Node Red - Why?

Hi, I managing my Bticino Home automations with "Homebridge", "Homekit", "Home Assistant" and some "Python script" and I'm happy about this! Now I'm interested about Node Red and I undertand that its use should be very easy, but after some attempts I'm very puzzled about its simplicity if I compare it with my actual solution. Could someone explain me if Node red could simplify management of my environment?
Thanks a lot for your suggest.

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Hi and welcome.

If you are happy: „Never change a working system!“

I switched form openHAB to Node-RED because I was not happy with java and xcode (or whatever the scripting language was). I prefer having everything in one ecosystem I understand.

But my main reason was the unbelievable supportive community around Node-RED. Every singe question (where you perhaps like to answer "Come on, learn how to Google") is answered polite full of understanding and helpful! I don`t know if this is a cultural thing but if you are from Germany as I'am you can take a look at and perhaps know what I mean. Every second answer there is like "Don't play here where the adults are doing serious stuff, stupid kid")


Yes. Although I am not ready to publish my code yet, my write-up of “home digital twin” is often updated.

Full ack! :grinning:

That's what I really like about this community here. Let's hope it stays that way. :crossed_fingers:

With Node-RED you get a really powerful piece of software to interconnect different heterogeneous systems and gain a lot flexibility with relatively small effort.
If you poke around the #share-your-projects section here, you will find a plethora of different use cases. I keep getting impressed and astonished by some of the ideas people come up with. :sunglasses:


It was already like that when I joined the Node-RED Google Group over 5 years ago :slight_smile:


I was a frequent visitor there, but as reader only. I try to avoid Google were possible. Paranoid me. :sunglasses:

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Just because you are paranoid, it doesn't mean they are not out to get you!

It is part of my job to be at least partly paranoid and I can assure you that I only use Google when I really have to. Still Google groups started as an interface to internet usenet groups and was welcome for that reason.

These days Discourse is so much nicer even though you have to log in to separate forums and have to go through the welcome tutorial each time if you want to open up full use.

For searching I use except for the odd occasion when I need a more comprehensive search.

Haven't managed to completely give up on Google Maps though I'm afraid. Also, at work NHS X (who's IT we look after) decided to use G-Suite Enterprise against mine and other people's recommendations :frowning:

Anyway, yet again we've managed to drift well off-topic.

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