Node-Red will not run


I recently was trying to fix another program and rolled back a couple updates to my PC. Now Node-Red will not run. This is what I am seeing:

Any suggestions on what to do?




Couple of things to perhaps check. Firstly that you don't have an error in your settings.js file and secondly that you don't have a flow error. So try renaming your flow file first. Then, if that doesn't help, swap your settings.js file with the one from the node-red repo.

Otherwise, I can't see what could cause that other than a corrupted file somewhere.

You might have to uninstall node-red rename your ~/.node-red folder and reinstall. If that still doesn't work, try reinstalling Node.js

Sorry, that's rather guesswork though.



Hi @jfehl

this error is occurring whilst Node-RED is loading nodes into the palette. It will not be related to any flows you have deployed as, at this point in time, they haven't been loaded.

The error is due to trying to load a module that has no nodes in one of its files - I think. It isn't a scenario we'd expect to ever hit, which is why the error is going unchecked.

Have you installed any extra nodes?

In your settings.js file, change the logging level property to trace and see what output you get. It may give you some more indication as to which module is being loaded when the error is hit - but I'm not 100% sure without digging through the code how much tracing is in that area.



@knolleary - the OP said he rolled back a couple updates on his PC. Could one of the updates he removed have something that NR is dependent on? Would a restall of NR be advisable?



At this point, I'd rather spend 5 minutes understanding the problem which might result in a quick fix or something we know about for the next time someone asks.

Jumping to reinstalling NR doesn't help us know what has happened.



I was trying to remove a version of .Net Framework because I was having trouble running Autocad 2014. My machine is Win 8.1.



I never got Autocad to work either......



Here is the result after altering settings with trace.

Error_CMD.txt (5.6 KB)



Ok - so that gives us a list of the modules you have, but doesn't highlight which is causing the error.

I would suggest you systematically work through that list, move the module out of \Users\jfehl\.node-red\node_modules and see if Node-RED starts.

Bit of a manual slog, but it would be really good to identify the offending module. I'd suggest you start with those with 0.0.1 version numbers.... this sort of error would be fatal to anyone installing the node and suggests it's a module that has been published and abandoned.



Thank you. I will work on it throughout the day and report back.




Using your suggestion, I began by removing the two nodes that I realized I most recently added. They are node-red-configurable-ping and node-red-contrib-advanced-ping. Once removed, I was able to get Node Red running again. In effort to verify the problem, I reinstalled the nodes once I had things running and I was still able to start and stop the flows.....?????? I then removed them, from Node-Module folder and used the manage pallet option to reinstall them, and I was also able to start node red again a few more times. So in short, I don't know what is going on, but I assume those Nodes are the issue and it will come back again, maybe after a computer restart or something. Anyway, I am out of the woods for now with this machine..Thank you.