Node red with 90-30 plc


i need to connect gefanuc 90-30 plc to node-red can anyone help to it has only tcpip what node to be used to get registers data

Which protocols are available in the PLC?

Ge 90-30 works on SNP protocol on RS422 serial port

Doesn't this PLC have Modbus RTU? In which case you can use the Modbus nodes.

That one's gonna be tough. GE, from what I remember, uses a proprietary protocol which will make finding any documents on it improbable. The only thing I've been able to use to talk to them, other than native programming software, was an OPC server like Kepware or Matrikon. Unfortunately they are paid products the make using it for personal use impractical. Although they are free downloads and run unlimited for 2hrs and then have to be restarted so you can maybe sniff the packets?

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            The Ge-Fanuc 90-30 series  plc has Ethernet port has only TCP/IP protocol ,


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 The plc has TCP/IP Ethernet port what suitable node can be used to get connected ,

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