New to NodeRED. Need help to talk to a PLC

I have a Allen Bradley 1769-L30ER PLC.
It has an RJ45 port. I connect it to a network switch to talk to robots and other device.
May I know whether I can use that network switch to talk to NodeRED. If not, what hardware do I need to add to my PLC / electrical box in order to make NodeRed work?
Moreover, I want to create a webpage to show some data from my PLC. Can I do that using NodeRed?

Welcome to Node-Red! Your question isn't unique and has some possibilities for answers. First of all, I've checked the manuals for your PLC and it appears that you can connect and communicate with this PLC over ethernet. You should not need any extra hardware to make this happen.

That being said, there are some things Node-Red will need to be able to communicate with the PLC. Your PLC uses DeviceNET, which is an industrial protocol not as widely used as something like MODBUS, but still well known. Try adding the node-red-contrib-cip-ethernet-ip pack to your pallette and see if that meets your needs. You'll want to check out the help file and any example flows they have in GitHub to see how to work with it. You can see any documentation built into the node pack by going to your information tab in the right hand pane and clicking on the book icon in the lower half.

Your web page can be easily built using Node-Red dashboard. When you're installing the CIP nodes, just type dashboard into your search box and install it. The pack is called node-red-dashboard. That will get you a web page with gauges, text boxes and the like. It should be enough to get you everything you're looking for. Come back here if you have any issues.

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