Does node red supports the following protocols

hi Guys,

i need to know that the node red supports 1)dhcp and 2)PLC ???

Hi @gururajbharadwaj

  1. Node-RED doesn't do anything with DHCP ... that is up to the operating system's networking to sort out your network connection

  2. There are various nodes available for different types of PLC available on - you'd have to see if there is one for your particular device type

hi knolleary

@knolleary can we coustmizse the node read and implement it in the my webpage when i open my webpage should i install node red again & again. can u help help me with this..

how can we merge the webpage along with the node red in my webpage. so that it should work without installing the node red everytime.


If your web site is a node express app you can embed Node-RED directly . or otherwise you just use an iframe.

thanks sir