PLC 5/40E + NODE RED, is it possible?

Hi. I wanted to know if there is any possible way to extract data from an Allen Bradley: PLC 5/40E directly to Node-red.

For example in ControlLogix I’m using the ‘cip-ethernet-ip’ node. From Siemens S7-1500 I’m using ‘S7’ node, is there any node I need to connect to PLC 5/40E?

It also has this little Edge Device that says:

“10Base-T Transceiver”

Does someone have any idea on how to do that?

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Does it support modbus, either over Ethernet or serial port? If so then could use that. Preferably over Ethernet.

Which model is it? [
Transition Networks E-TBT-MC05 or E-TBT-MC02.. You're picture isn't providing enough detail.

Another option, if you can spend some money is here:

Well anyway, that's just playing off the suggestion to grab data via MODBUS.

Another option is to find a free OPC DA Server for PLC5. Matrikon's standard OPC Downloads used to include the ability to connect to a PLC5 without spending any money. Or you could download something from KepWare to try it out.. and then buy it later.

If you really need the data.. then buying a perpetual license is the way to go... You could literally run the OPC Server on the SAME PC that your are running NODE-RED (If you are running NODERED on a Raspberry Pi or Linux box... well that's different altogether).

Then you could try one of the many OPC Client nodes for NodeRED.


What do you have connected to CH0? What are you using it for and what is it setup to be?

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