Node-Red with camera FLIR Lepton

Hello everyone, I have a FLIR lepton 2.5 camera and a Raspberry Pi with which I want to develop a graphical interface to monitor an electrical system through IoT. This camera has the Pylepton library, which will allow me to work with its histograms or heat matrices. The question is the following: With what tool can I create the graphical interface in Node Red, taking into account that the image processing will I perform in a python script?

In Node-RED you can use the dashboard, the ui-builder or create and design pure html pages. Depends on your preferences and skills. In addition there are many nodes available to present and process images. So if your Python script does the image processing it can deliver images to Node-RED where I would use MQTT, pretty simple actually. If the camera has some streams available there are many possibilities to also view live streams in a graphical ui, already discussed heavily in many threads here in the forum. So let's begin, there are plenty of experts around that I guess would help you proceed with this rather interesting project

Some thoughts

  1. First step would be to add MQTT support to your python script
  2. Do the image processing
  3. Convert the image (to bytearray)
  4. Send it via MQTT to Node-Red
  5. Receive the image data and present it
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