Node-red with docker rfxtrx usb transreceiver disconnects

Hi, I have a problem with the rfxtrx mapping to the USB-transreceiver. It works good most of the time but after running sometimes 24h and sometimes 3-4 days it gets suddenly disconnected.

I'm using docker and the nodered/node-red-docker:v8 image on docker toolbox for Win7, but like I say, it works most of the time. docker-machine restart seems to solve the issue, other times a real reboot.

24 Sep 20:38:46 - [info] [rfx-lights-out:rfx] connected: Serial port /dev/ttyUSB0
25 Sep 19:41:08 - [info] [rfx-lights-out:rfx] disconnected: bad file descriptor

I'd suggest you modify the title of your post to include "docker" as it's most likely a docker specific issue


Definitely something to do with docker, I removed unused containers and bumped up memory for virtualbox and the errors seems to come less often