Node-RED with IoT sensor

I would like to ask about how can we use Node-RED with IoT sensors. Node-RED use as translator and how?

Your question is very open, so the answer is yes.

Did you search the forum ?
Did you look at the documentation ?
How did you find Node-RED ?
What are you looking for specifically ?

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I am working with data base and multi sensors. I heard that Node-RED works as translator but I did not understandat what does that mean and why I gonna use it! so, please can you exlain about it.I mean that why I need translator and what does that mean?

Who told you that? If you don't understand what they mean perhaps it's best if you ask them to explain.

Have you succeded in reading sensor data into Node-red? What sensors are you using?
Have you managed to store the data in your database? What database are you using?
What is your Node-red application going to do?

Node-RED allows I to build a User Interface with buttons to control outputs and charts to display sensor readings.

Node-RED receives the sensor readings and can display them on the user interface.

On the other side, Node-RED can publish data on a specific topic to control outputs when I use the buttons on the interface. The other boards are also subscribed to that topic and control the outputs accordingly.

Could you be help me rather than make a lot of questions!

You will find lots of example flows at and at

Sorry, this question makes no sense to me. Perhaps our native languages differ.

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What exactly do you mean by IoT sensors? How to use node-red with sensors depends on what sort of sensors, so it is difficult to help unless we know what sorts of sensors you mean.

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You are amazing! Thx a lot my friend.

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