Node-RED with speech commands to control LED

Hi folks,
I'm doing the project about controlling LED with multi way. So is Node-red can use speech control LED in the dashboard or we can control by IOS
Tks for your reading

Sorry, I've been away.

Is there a question about uibuilder in there somewhere?

Yes, it is about uibuilder. I don't know how can we control led with speech command

Well have you got the LED control part working? That should be easy enough. Just Node-RED needed and a connection to whatever is controlling the LED.

For speach control, there are all sorts of ways.

If you really want to use uibuilder, and if you are using VueJS, there are plenty of examples on the web: vuejs speech command - Google Search

If you are using Google Home, you could write a custom addin for that since it does speach control. Other platforms could probably also be used. I've not done anything with speach so I couldn't help on that.

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