Node-RED won't start anymore!

It's because I uninstalled the IFTTT Broker node, but it didn't uninstall the setting that tries to install it as a service at startup. So when I node-red-start, it hangs while waiting for that non-existent service. I've tried reinstalling that node, both with command line and GUI, but the terminal shows it threw an uncaught exception, process fails, and restarts in a loop. I've tried uninstalling Node-RED to no success. I've tried manually deleting the node's directory, and reinstalling node-RED, which brings me back to my second sentence.

So... How do I stop Node-RED from trying to install a node as a service?

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node-red --safe

on the command line, it will load your flows but not start them!

Then if it is a config node go to Configuration Nodes in the hamburger menu and delete them.

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