Node.status memory leak on editor - Disregard

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Hi I was was having trouble with a(memory leak) and crashing.

From what I can tell it isn't on the dashboard I am using but populates when I load the editor.

I have a lot of node.status nodes and it is causing a error.

Is there an update on this thread solution?

Version Node-Red 3.0.2

Looking at the code I don't see where the flow-editor would be storing up messages or status text. Does your heap display only show live objects or may it also show dead ones ready to be GC'd?

In any case, to get this fixed the first step would be to put together a repro. If your evaluation of the cause is correct, then a simple flow with an inject node and another node set-up such that the status of the second node is changed every 100ms should reproduce the problem relatively quickly, right?

Sorry for the miserror. It was user error. I had loops in the flow that wouldn't stop causing the heap overflow. My apologies.

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