Node Status truncated?

Hi guys,

I am using the status to report messages from nested subflows to the dashboard layer and was surprised to see that the status text were truncated on the front end :
Notice the contents of the

tag below :

and the status showing on the node as well, truncated :

But the actual value is not truncated

I'm running 1.0.4 , and I could not find in the nodered code where this triple dot would be coming from...

Thanks in advance !

EDIT: Ok I just noticed the 32 character limitation...

the question is "why" ?

Design decision, to stop status being too long and cluttering up the editor. It is not a dashboard.

I'm actually using the Status node to push the status value to a dashboard text element. It saves me having to manage a separate "status" global variable, which would be redundant.

It makes sense to truncate it in front of the node, when displaying it, but not the original value, in case it gets used or displayed somewhere else.

hmmm - not a bad point to think about.

I can't find where it is in the node-red code :sob:

Is this just a subflow thing ?

It may just be line 187 of /packages/node_modules/@node-red/runtime/lib/nodes/flows/Subflow.js

looking at it - it does seem to be just subflows (I think)... we do truncate in the debug nodes to keep things tidy... and we do that at the point of display... - and I guess we truncate them in subflows to be consistent with that... but that then percolates upwards as you see... However you can also set status in a function node and that doesn't truncate - so slightly inconsistent...

I was kind of abusing statuses, maybe, as well :slight_smile:
But yes, i've got subflows absolutely everywhere, and nested, and it's a hell of a mess but I love it :smiley:

I guess just truncating when displaying is sufficient.

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