Node to detect keyboard input?

Yes, I have searched the library, but not really had any luck.

There are some nodes which claim to do it, but I think are way too old.

I am looking for a node which will see keys pressed on the keyboard and send the result out as a message identifying the key pressed.

(Ideally I want to see a specific - variable as needed - key. But that is easy to get around with a switch node downstream from the node if it doesn't internally allow that.)

If you are using a Pi then the pi keyboard node should be there already. If not then maybe not.

I am using a RasPi.

No keyboard node installed.

Is that a standard node?

Yes it is part of the pi gpio node package we install with the install script


So if I type keyboard in the palette search, I get no result.

I just searched the library and can't find it.

How would I install it?


No. Just. node-red-node-pi-gpio

Perhaps you said no when it asked if you want the pi specific nodes.

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Maybe. I have been known to make mistakes in the past - and will in the future too I guess.

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