Node to stop Google Home playing music

Hi All

I have hue lights, a hue dimmer switch and a google home in pretty much every room in my house. When I leave the room I turn the lights off with the dimmer switch (which is hooked up to node red) but I have to ask google to stop playing the music.

Can I stop the music with node red?

I did find some google home related nodes but they only seemed to be for playing a url and seemed config heavy (looks like you need a static IP on each google home). Is there an easier way?


I'm doing that with Node Red, but I also use Home Assistant, so NR is just sending a media_stop to HA. Assuming you're not using HA, there appear to be some nodes that you could add to the palette to do that (eg. node-red-contrib-cast), although I have not used them.

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