NodeRed "breaks" my Wifi - every 25 seconds


As you can see in the attachments my network is getting interrupted every 15 to 30 second or so. It's not a consistent interval. This affects ALL devices connected wirelessly to the same Access point. Devices connected with network cable are not affected.
When i stop the NodeRed service. All the problems are gone. But as soon as i start NodeRed, the network problems appear again.
I have disabled all my flows so these are not causing it.

Phone calls or meetings are just not possible any more. Not sure what to do. Anybody an idea?

My setup:
NodeRed (v. 3.0.2) on a Raspberry Pi Zero W

Thanks for any suggestions

Please stop and restart node red and post the full output here. Copy/paste please, not screenshot. To stop and restart you can use
Leave it running until the network locks up, obviously.
Does the access point reboot itself when it locks up?

Did you also disable all config nodes?

Can you explain your screenshot? Are you pinging from a Wired or wireless computer? To what device?

Isn't that just typical. Since today i can't reproduce the problem. It bothered me for the last few months and only stopping NodeRed made it go away. So for now i will have to wait and see if/when it will happen again and report back.

The screenshot was from a laptop pinging the AP where also the Raspberry with NodeRed is connected to. Using Wifi. When i ping the AP from phones or other WiFi deices. All of them loose connectivity at the exact same time.
Wired devices are not affected and do not loose connectivity.

No. But thanks for the tip. I will try that next time.

Check if there is a firmware update for the access point. Possibly it is node-red flooding the wifi so nothing else can get in, or something it is doing is crashing the router, in which case there may well be an upgrade available.

I suspected my AP first so i already checked for a firmware update. But already running the newest firmware.

Yeah. Something like that. These are my config nodes which i suspect now. Will disable them one by one when the problem starts again.

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