NodeRED in Docker

Hello All, I have installed NodeRED on docker running on linux CentOS 7, where is NodeRED's settings.js file to edit those settings.js?

Did you install this from the standard image or from someone elses compiled docker ?


Its Standard from NodeRED Docker tutorial (Running under Docker : Node-RED).

Hello @marwinwijaya

You have to enter in interactive mode in the nodered container and you will find the files under /data

Otherwise, from the host, you will have taken care to map a volume as described in the documentation to keep your changes when you have destroyed and recreated your container. Otherwise you lose all your changes.

From the host, the files can be joined via the path given for the mapped volume.
In my case:


Hope it's clear.

You copy the standard version from /data/settings.js and edit outside the container, then mount the edited version back into the container as a volume.

If you edit the version in the container it will be lost when you restart the container

Thanks @Jean-Luc its Solved.

Thanks too @hardillb this issue solved

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