NodeRed IoT Deployment with Synpse

Howdy folks,

Might sound a bit of an advertisement, so if this is not the right place - let me know :slight_smile:
We are very big NodeRed fans. We use it everywhere.

We are a couple of contractors doing freelance. And one of the challenges we had was to maintain a fleet of deployment for multiple customers across a wide range of estate. From busses, cards, homes, factories. Update them often, access them remotely, reconfigure applications. Most of our customers are behind CGNAT...

So we created a platform for one of the customers and made a SAAS platform out of it to help us to managed deployment across the board. We do have more than 1k+ devices under its management now so we know it works :slight_smile:

And as citizens of an open community, we are committed to keeping the free tier available for all the hobbyists and DYI hackers to use.

Few blog posts to see how it works:

The platform itself:

Let me know if you have any questions, suggestions!