NodeRED Metric Logs Memory Unit

What is the unit of memory in metric. Is it in MB or Bytes?

25 Nov 20:59:47 - [metric] {"level":99,"event":"runtime.memory.rss","value":88543232,"timestamp":1637873987643}
25 Nov 20:59:47 - [metric] {"level":99,"event":"runtime.memory.heapTotal","value":59891712,"timestamp":1637873987644}
25 Nov 20:59:47 - [metric] {"level":99,"event":"runtime.memory.heapUsed","value":50390704,"timestamp":1637873987644}


50390704 Megabytes = 48.0563 Terabytes

Does your machine have 48 terabytes?

I don't know what the actual uom is (without delving into the source code) but bytes seems much more reasonable...

50390704 Bytes = 48.0563 Megabytes

It is bytes

For details: Process | Node.js v17.1.0 Documentation

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