Nodered - status (executing flows)

Is there a way to get the list of currently executing flows (maybe even some history)?

I am still trying to build some reporting around this information. we are using nodered as a low-code/visual programming platform, exposed to some colleagues who could automate their tasks using nodered, and would like to build a kind of dashboard with useful info: running flows, some insights about what happened during the flow executions (we are collecting that using ApplicationInsights)

You can use the status, complete and catch nodes to log data. you will need to build the system yourselves though. Their maybe some examples in the flow library, but not checked myself. Naming nodes distinctly will help you in this process. Adding a node change node at the start of each flow to log the start process might help to.

isn't there anything built in to get the list of the currently running flows? we are building some reporting but there will be a lot of data and it will be difficult (time consuming queries) to identify the currently running flows

No. This is not something that exists out of the box. But it is not difficult to create something like that. Use flow or global context to set a "running" value at the beginning of the flow and clear the value at the end.

Or use MQTT with well defined topics and relevant payloads - publish "running" (retained) at the start of a flow and "finished" at the end.

You can be smart about it by using link-call nodes to make subroutines that do the set/clear actions.

It's really not difficult.

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Just remember, that even with these suggestions - you are not really tracking the "running flows", you are tracking the "flow" of "msgs" through the system. May not matter to you in practice but it is worth understanding a little about it. This can particularly catch you out if you start hitting asynchronous functions within nodes. Where things may seem to happen out of order.

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