Visual feedback on which node is currently running?

I've checked various posts about debugging nodes and so far I've been able to use the debug node, logging, and VS Code debugger.

However, during a potentially long-running flow, it would be interesting to know the progress of the flow, i.e., which node is currently running. Is there any obvious way to show this in the flow editor without resorting to the debug node, logging, and an external debugger?


A way of debugging the flow progress without a debug node? Doesn't make a lot of sense as things would flow too fast for a simple visual method... That said... many nodes already have that feature, in the form of the little white, red, green markers. often with text as well.

I use the debug node "deactivated" but with the node status option check marked, when no other visual option in a node is availed, but needed.

You can also centralise this by using the status node, connected to a debug node as described by Gunner

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