Nodered z wave js

I don't know why i could'nt see my nodes.

The ZWave Node Side Bar uses Node RED's Auth tokens to interact with the backend Service, according to your last screen shot - you are not logged in.

and you first screenshot shows that you have just updated to Node RED 3.0 - maybe try clearing browser cache, and log back in?

Thank you

It didn't work.
How i can contact the service of Nodered?

Try logging out of Node RED and back in?


Thank you
I tried it but it didn't work

Are you able to publish changes to your flow? without it saying you are not logged in?

No i can't


Your problem then, seems to be because Node RED thinks you are not logged in, so the ZWave Network Management side panel (for security) will not function, until Node RED believes you are authorised.

Have you made any changes to security/login, are you using Node RED natively, or using it as a plugin?
try closing/re-opening up the browser/clearing cookies, restart Node RED.

I make sure the user is allowed to make changes to the flow, when the Side panel is communicating, with admin services.

its failing, as Node RED is reporting that you are not logged in :man_shrugging:

it works Thank you

I have another problem with my program.
I create a program to pilot my air conditioner, it turns on at 6 o’clock for one hour and then it turns off at 7 a.m.

The problem that the devices (remotecs ZXT 600) don’t work and they turn on the air conditioner every morning without stopping.

I think that the devices don’t receive the information from the program.

I use a z stick gen 5 to send the information and I connected the devices with Aeotic Z stick Gen 5 but it doesn’t work.

I think that the devices don’t receive the information from the program.

  • Unhealthy ZWave mesh
  • Incorrect commands
  • Device Not paired
  • Node(s) not configured correctly

It would help if you can:

1 - Make sure the device is paired correctly
(thumbs up in the UI with a sun icon - as i have said in your previous posts)

2 - Export your flow and paste it here, so i can help further, by checking your command


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