Zwave js nodered

I create a program in NODE-RED (zwave js) to pilote my air conditionner
I filled the IR code but the remotec zxt 600 don't receive the signals from nodered.
Thank you

Hi @daak

can you provide a little more detail?

  • what's the name of the node you are using?
  • what command are you sending to your zwave device
  • is the device paired and interviewed

I use Zwave controller.
It's an automatic program, the remotec send a signal ( for exemple on at 6h and Off at 7h) to the air conditionner.
I create a dashbord with manuel commands ON/OFF and automatic commands ( ON AT 6h and OFF at 7h) but it doesn't work.

1 down, 2 to go

  • what command are you sending to your zwave device (please paste exact command)
  • is the device paired and interviewed

is the device even awake - does it have a sun icon?
you are not giving us enough information to work with

I create a dashbord with 4 Botton ON, OFF, HEAT and COOL connected to a zwave cmd factory connected to a zawve device( mode multiple nodes) and finaally a debug node

when i deploy i receive this message

I see in your screen shots (any reason they are photos?)

  • Node 5 not ready
  • Serial disconnected


  • You have either a bad USB connection
  • and / or Node 5 is not yet interviewed

Please do the following, before I continue

  • Check the USB/serial connection is not going bad
  • check node 5 has been interviewed (check the UI for a thumbs up)
  • check its awake in the UI
  • Please send me what EXACTLY your CMD Factory is setup like (including the payloads you are sending it)

or better yet, paste your flow export here.

What payload are you sending to the CMD Factory node.
you can see it needs to evaluate to an array [ ] (its JSONata)

So, on the basis you are using payload, you send this to it


OR anyone one of these values

"Off" = 0x00,
"Heat" = 0x01,
"Cool" = 0x02,
"Auto" = 0x03,
"Auxiliary" = 0x04,
"Resume (on)" = 0x05,
"Fan" = 0x06,
"Furnace" = 0x07,
"Dry" = 0x08,
"Moist" = 0x09,
"Auto changeover" = 0x0a,
"Energy heat" = 0x0b,
"Energy cool" = 0x0c,
"Away" = 0x0d,
"Full power" = 0x0f,
"Manufacturer specific" = 0x1f,

You Say this is connected to a device node set to Multiple, but you may still need to set the node
(else it will address a multi cast to all nodes you have selected - you need to select at least 1)

so in your case set topic to 5

overall your msg to the CMD node needs to be

    topic: 5

And ensure the node is awake (sun in the UI with a thumbs up)

may I suggest you give this a read.

Getting Started · zwave-js/node-red-contrib-zwave-js Wiki (

Thank you
but i need to sent command to 20 devices(remotec ZXT 600)

OK - Ensure that all 20 nodes are selected in the device node list, and your throttle isn't to light

This list but i can't select all nodes

CTRL + left mouse click in windows or SHIFT + left mouse click to select in a row

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