[ANNOUNCE] node-red-contrib-zwave-js 6.2.0

node-red-contrib-zwave-js 6.2.0 released.

New Features

  • Added a new cmd-factory node, that allows to construct commands with little to no knowledge in the required format
  • Added power source icon and battery level in the UI node list
  • Added powerSource property to the NODE_LIST response.
  • Device-Nodes now have the ability to receive isolated responses to getValue


  • Bump serialport package.
  • Bump zwave-js
  • The node status on the UI, has been updated to make use of icons, as opposed to text
  • A Complete overhaul on Help/guide material for each node
  • Data Mode has been renamed to Network Mode on the device node

Internal Changes

  • Improvements to driver event sanitization routines
  • Security enhancements to the HTTP API
  • Moved all HTTP API endpoints to the ui/server.js module
  • The serialport package is no longer forcibly compiled, and is left for serialport to decide
    if compilation is necessary.


  • Fixed a potential issuse, if the node-red admin ui path is set to a custom value.



Hi Marcus,

does your node-red-contrib-zwave-js 6.2.0 run with Aoetec Z-Pi 7 or only with Aoetec usb stick 7?


Hi @juntiedt ,

It will run on any zwave module that is compliant with the Z-wave serial API.

i.e : It should do :wink:


When i set temperature offset to -6, it updates to -5, is this correct ? edit just checked, it subtracts +1

Screenshot 2021-10-17 at 16.46.06

Also the battery indicator does not update when one replaces batteries, when interviewing node, it says 100% but icon in controller is not updated

Hi @bakman2,

The Battery in the UI is refreshed when opening up NR - it's not listening for events in real time,
I assumed NR isn't going to be kept open for long periods - I could look to make this listen for 'active' battery updates if necessary.

as for -5 assuming its configuration value - the device might be rounding?
does the manual lend a clue to anything?

as for -5 assuming its configuration value - the device might be rounding?

i dont think so, when i set -7, it sets -6.
when i set -10, it sets -9 etc


Do you mind doing this:
and let me know what value you get back?

let Message = {
    payload: {
        mode: "CCAPI",
        node: ##,
        cc: "Configuration",
        method: "get",
        params: [8] 
return Message

I don't know what is happening exactly.

Example; offset was set to -20, I set it to -12, this is the output:

So the prevValue is not correct as it should be -20.


Last test if you don't mind ?
(note: you could do this with CMD-Factory - I just prefer doing it manually)

let Message = {
    payload: {
        mode: "CCAPI",
        node: ##,
        cc: "Configuration",
        method: "set",
        forceUpdate: {
             property: 8
        params: [8,<desired value>,1] 
return Message

Then it also missed 1

Ok thanks.

The Configuration CC is trivial, no reason it should be subtracting 1.
Out of curiosity I set one of my configs using minus figures - and all reacted accordingly.

Config for Lux level off-set in my case.

Some of our device configurations need certain compatibility flags applied, and this may be one of them.

When you have time, can you enable logging (Debug Level) - within the controller node.
(Leave Pin2 Logging as is - Disabled).

After Logging is switched on, go ahead and make your change in the UI, then turn logging back of (it fills up quick)

The log file will be found at ~/.node-red/zwave-js.log

Please submit this on the node-red-contrib-zwave-js repo - feel free to use a discussion, if you prefer.


Edit: for info this is our config file for it. (I think)

Its this file/device config entry that may need some tweaks

Its very strange, -20 gets set correctly. -12 does not.

I hope opened a discussion.

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Hi Marcus,

I have changed from open z-wave to z-wave-js. I like it, but now I am having a problem with the setting of a configuration operation mode on a "devolo 3 in 1 sensor". (battery driven)
The gui of your software shows the value of the parameter but I cannot change it. Using your code recommendation from above does also not work.

I actually have to set node 10, parameter 5 , bit 3 to 1 --- [5,8,1]

I would very much appreciate your help.


Hi @juntiedt ,

What device do you have?
On the UI, select your node and click 'View in DB Browser' at the bottom - please paste the link it opens.

this will allow me to understand the parameter 5

The reason you might be having difficulty, is that Parameter 5 is a bitwise config, so the value you use in the command needs to include all bits i.e it needs to represent an integer, that is the result of say 00000100.

Also if its battery driven, the device needs to be woken up to receive the updated value.
the value will get queued until the device wakes up <- the value you set in the UI might actually commit, when the device wakes up.


Thanks what is the current value for param 5?

param 5 currently 4

Thanks give me 1 min

ok try 12

4 Represents 00000100
12 Represents 00001100

Be sure that the device wakes up to receive the value (either on an interval, or forcefully wake it up)

You can set the wake interval using the Wake Up CC - this should appear in the UI,
but the device needs to be awake to receive it :laughing: