[ANNOUNCEMENT] : node-red-contrib-zwave-js V7

node-red-contrib-zwave-js V7

After various discussions, ~3 months of work, 51 commits, 34 updated source files, various Alpha and Beta testing stages (thank you to those involved):

I am excited to announce the availability of node-red-contrib-zwave-js V7

zwave-js V9 will convert some data files over to a new format,
I STRONGLY advise to back up the directory ~./.node-red/zwave-js-cache just to be on the safe side - the conversation will take a few minutes so don't panic.

Also remember to thoroughly take note of the Breaking Changes (below)

Breaking Changes

  • The GET_VALUE_RESPONSE object is no longer partitioned with response and valueId properties.
    Instead, the returned object now represents a shape simular to VALUE_UPDATED events.
    The value will now be attached to the currentValue property, along with the Value ID on the same level.
  • The VALUE_DB objects are no longer partitioned with currentValue and valueId properties.
    Instead, the returned objects now include the Value ID on the same level as currentValue
  • Much like above, GET_VALUE_METADATA_RESPONSE has also been simplified, where the result is attached to metadata, with the Value ID on the same level.

New Features

  • VALUE_UPDATED, VALUE_NOTIFICATION, GET_VALUE_RESPONSE and VALUE_DB now contain a normalizedObject property.
    This property aims to make it easy to utilise the value change, in that it summarises the event with easy to understand property names.
  • An entierly new side panel UI. This redesign aims to better align with the Node RED style guide.
  • An entierly new Network Mesh Map, that is now based on routing header information instead of Node Neighbours.
  • Network statistics now include route information that is obtained during communication, and is used
    as the basis of the new map.
  • Multiple ZWave sticks/Networks are now supported (finally)
    • All message will contain a property of networkId to indentify the source network.
      WARNING: Before adding another network - please ensure you open up the currently configured Controller and save it again (Remembering to deploy) - this will allign the current network to ID 1
  • Improved Recovery when the USB/ZWave transceiver has been removed/re-introduced.
    • This is possible with a custom Watchdog implmentation, this introduces a new event type of WATCHDOG
      Which will describe what is happening.


  • Nodes that are not marked as ready can now be removed correctly.
  • Fix potential issue when httpAdminRoot has a custom value.
  • Various performance, stability and optimisations to the UI.
  • UI Interaction is no longer picked up by Device Nodes.


  • Bump serialport to V10
  • Bump ZWJS to V9
  • New mapping algorithm - The new algorithm results in a much needed accuracy improvement, and is far superior to previous methods.
  • Nodes have now been named more clearly
  • Live Camera QR Code Scanning has been removed

New UI