[UPDATE] node-red-contrib-zwave-js 6.3.0

I often get asked, 'What is the command being sent, when I manipulate my devices from the UI'
until now, the answer has been 'It uses the ValueAPI'.

6.3.0 Adds a new UI Monitor, that allows you to see how a command was executed.
This command can then be used in your flows, allowing you to manipulate the command as you see fit.

The idea, is to simply copy/paste.

Change Log:


  • Fixed duplicated event handlers, after a new interview.

New Features

  • Lock User Codes can now be optionally interviewed.
    Note: This will cause an increase in traffic - especially if your lock has many codes to query.
  • Opt-in to Soft Reset USB device.
    This is needed for certain commands, like changing the RF.
  • A new "UI Monitor", allowing you to capture/use the commands that are sent to the controller


  • Changes to package content to reduce size (~9.0MB -> ~1.3MB)
  • The node list is now sorted by Node ID
  • Bump ZWJS to 8.5.1



Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing work on this node and zwave-js in general.
Its been the most user friendly and robust z-wave solution ive used so far and allowed me to drop openhab completely which at this point i was only using for its z-wave binding.
Keep up the great work :+1:t2:

Best regards Johannes


You are very welcome Johannes. Many thanks for the kind words.
Though I can't take credit for the backend javascript z-wave driver it uses.


Nice work, but where does the UI monitor window come from ? From the screenshot I cannot determine how this shows up.

edit; ok found it. Wouldnt it be easier for users to add an little icon or "example" link that generates an example config when clicked ? Now it requires a config change first.

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Hi @bakman2,

indeed that is possible - almost a Dummy Command button, that creates the command, but doesn't commit to the controller.

I will look at that in the future :+1: