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I copied and pasted my z wave program to control air conditioners from one raspberry to another except that on the copied program I can no longer change the functions on the dashboard. they stay stuck on off

Hi @daak

To clarify, is this a problem with the ZWave Module (Which I am the author of) or a problem with Dashboard?

Also, what do you see if you open a command window and run
Copy/paste the output here please, not screenshot.

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It's worth noting, if you have moved to a different machine without copying your ZWave network data files - then the module has to re-scan / learn the network.

Devices in the side bar UI will have a thumbs up - once they have been learned about

i have a problem with the dashboard. For example, I can't put the controls on On, it remains stuck on Off. I can't also modify it, add a line or delete it.
but I can see the devices with a thumbs up.

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