Non continuous Modbus adresses

Hello, How can i send a request for non-continuous modbus adresses with the different modbus nodes (reading only) ? For example i want to read the following adresses, in one connection: 1400, 1405, 1412. and not the range 1400 to 1412...

Thanks if you can help !

This has come up before, have you tried searching the forum?

yep, but i'm gonna make another search maybe i've missed something...

I have a look in many, many Q/A and found nothing ...:disappointed_relieved

I am 100% not a Modbus person... but I think the answer was that it was often faster / more responsive to just read the whole range and filter at the Node-RED side - than to do multiple reads. But of course that depends on how large the range is / how often you need to read, etc etc.

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Thx, that's what i will do