Noob question for array to get avalue

i like to get from this the yellow fields the value into a new node
how do i split this into separate values via json?

how do i do that i missing some json understanding

Hi @MHagreis

this section of the docs describes how you can identify the path to any element of a message - Working with messages : Node-RED

Using what those docs say, you'll find you can access some of your highlighted properties as msg.payload[0][0].subsystem and msg.payload[0][0].num_user for the first two, and msg.payload[0][3].subsystem and msg.payload[0][3].num_user for the second two.

What you do from there will depend on how you want to use those values.

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Thanks solved and now i am getting the logic as wel :smile: (a bit less noob)

There is another way to extract bits from a JSON object structure, using the JSONata expression syntax of the change node. Just as a teaser, here is an expression that retrieves just those 2 fields from an array of objects:

    "subsystem": subsystem,
    "num_user": num_user

Head over to for more info -- and to experiment with your own data.

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