Note about new version of Mosquitto MQTT broker v2.0.0

In case people get caught out by this, there is a new version of Mosquitto that has breaking changes.

You may well need to make some changes to your Mosquitto configuration file and restart in order to let Node-RED work correctly.

Co-incidentally I was just looking at this. This looks like a useful place to start. Migrating from 1.x to 2.0 | Eclipse Mosquitto


I had to make these changes:

  • Change my default listener from port 1883 to listener 1883
  • Include allow_anonymous true

You might also need to change your binding.

It just caught me out because I did an sudo apt upgrade and then wondered why my lights didn't turn off at bedtime :grin:


Thanks for that Julian.

What OS is that Julian?
I've just done sudo apt update & sudo apt upgrade on a pi, rebooted and I've still got Mosquitto v1.5.7.
Did you update mosquitto separately?

Debian Buster.

However, I also have specific mosquitto apt sources:

deb buster main

Which will doubtless be newer than the standard buster list. I have:

libmosquitto1:amd64                2.0.8-0mosquitto2~buster1
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Or on ubuntu
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mosquitto-dev/mosquitto-ppa

The author publishes an "official" repo:

Mosquitto Debian repository | Eclipse Mosquitto

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