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i have a lumix camera which (it appears) i can control via http.. to start recording on the camera the address is...

http://IP ADDRESS/cam.cgi?mode=camcmd&value=video_recstart

i am trying to work out how to trigger this in Node Red ? i have added the HTTP request node and entered the camera address along with post method.. then i added an inject node before the HTTP node but i cant work out what to put in the inject node to trigger the address getting sent to the camera ? or is there something else i need also ?

typically, if you trigger this by simply opening the link, then it is a GET not a POST.

Also, GET (normally) has no body/payload.

Show us what you have and what response you get (tip: attach a debug node set to show complete message to the output of the HTTP Request)

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thanks for helping... when you say "opening the link" how do you do this ? i figure i needed an inject node first to trigger the HTTP request but do i put the URL for the camera in the HTTP node or in the inject node somehow ? given the HTTP node has the url field i figured it would go there but im not sure.. i'll put the debug last and see what it returns..

You can either put the URL directly into the HTTP request node or leave the URL field blank and send it from the inject node via msg.url. This is written in the built-in help of the HTTP request node.

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awesome thanks... that was easier than i was trying to make it for myself.. i had the URL in HTTP node but i was trying to put something else in the inject node as payload to trigger it.. was also using put instead of get :confused:... now if i just leave inject blank it works, or adding msg.url like you say works great.. i added the debug node and it looks like its just showing an OK message from the camera.. i'll start trying some more things now.. thanks for the help..

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