ESP32 CAM and facial recognition in node red

Greetings All! I know that there are many resources about facial recognition using the RPi camera. I'm using the ESP camera, and I'm trying to do an image capture for comparison.


  1. Get the ESP32 CAM node up and running <-- WORKS, I DO see a valid snapshot when I browse to (the IP address of my ESP32 cam)

  2. In Node Red, use an inject node to trigger an http GET request, where the URL is the ESP32 IP address in step 1 <--Works: when I use a debug node, I DO see the output of the "http request" node after I trigger it. The output looks like garble, but it IS there.

  3. Now that I have a response from the GET request, how do I "convert" this response into an actual picture?

--> Overall, I plan on using this picture to compare it to a known database of pictures for facial recognition (as in, "does this snapshot match anyone in our database? YES or NO").

Thank you for your help!

Success! Sorry to bother everyone with this question - I got a picture working!

For anyone else with this issue, my problem was in the "http request" node. The "return" type should be set to "a binary buffer". After I did this, the "Image" node outputs a still shot from the camera every time the "http request" node returns something.


So the next step: node-red-contrib-face-recognition (node) - Node-RED

PS: check the platform requirements first

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